Supporting Families & Caregivers

Across A Lifespan

November 17, 2017:

The most powerful thing our legislators can hear
are the life experiences of families like yours.
Telling Your Story
Presented by Herb Cabral and Julie Heffernan, 
Advocacy Alliance Coordinators, The Becker Center for Advocacy
This training will teach self-advocates, family members, and service providers how to effectively tell their personal stories. It is based on the belief that a well-told story is the best way to communicate our ideas, connect with others, and advocate for our needs. Participants will learn how to talk about who they are, what they need, and what they want – all by telling their story.

November 13, 2017:

Celebrating Caregivers: Supporting Families

November is Caregiver Appreciation Month!

Download (PDF, 465KB)


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