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Picture of Arc President Mary Ellen Mayo addressing a large crowd in the Great Hall of the State HouseWho are The Arc of Massachusetts’ Human Service Agency Supporters?

The Arc’s human service agency financial supporters continue to grow! We hope you will join and continue to work together to educate, empower, and organize our voices.

What benefits do The Arc Agency Sponsors receive?

A quarterly subscription to The Arc of Massachusetts newsletter Advocate, your agency’s logo and link on The Arc of Massachusetts Agency Sponsors page, current events notices, electronic policy updates and information, and your agency’s logo and link on our home page with a Patron or Champion level sponsorship. Partnerships with agencies allow us to advocate for 200,000 individuals with disabilities.

“Not ‘Reality Television,’ but Reality” – that’s what The Arc of Massachusetts confronts every day, as real people with real stories look to us to make a difference in their lives. For more than sixty years, we have vigorously fought to establish, maintain and expand services that a just society should consider basic rights – education, family supports, safe and healthy conditions in all service settings, and home and community services, among others. Our work has empowered people with disabilities to better their own lives by helping them locate services, plan for the future, and advocate effectively.

Many agencies and organizations benefit from our advocacy. For example, our advocacy on salary reserve has a direct impact on all Massachusetts human service agencies. The expansion of services also creates new opportunities for individuals with disabilities. We need you to join with others whose financial support in the past has helped us organize, educate and empower. Your generous support will help ensure that our voices will continue to be heard.

We continue to face a number of serious challenges with regard to both state and federal budgets. While the number of individuals with developmental disabilities continues to increase, we know that we will be called upon to meet continued budget cuts and level funding as efforts are made to cap the cost of human services on the state and federal levels.

In this context, our advocacy efforts are more crucial than ever. To achieve our goals, we look to our friends and colleagues to support those efforts. One aspect of the “reality” in which we operate is that we rely on agencies and other donors for more than 80% of our funding. A sponsorship donation from your organization will help us maintain a strong voice of advocacy on Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill alike, and to resist administrative attempts to limit access to services.

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