Connect includes personal stories, poems, videos and articles which describe the challenges and successes of individuals with disabilities and their families. The goal of sharing these stories is to spark ideas and conversation surrounding new ideas, challenges, or solutions that individuals with disabilities and their families face together.

We want to hear from you! Have you recently accomplished a goal that you’ve been working on? Have you run into an unexpected challenge along the way? Have you made any new friendships through an activity or program? Send us an email with your stories, pictures, and videos to be published on this page!

A Day at the State House

MA State HouseBy Charlie Fiske

The success of what we do with legislators and their aides can often be traced to our relationships with them.  This week Maura Sullivan (The Arc’s Director of Government Affairs) and I spent a morning walking the statehouse corridors with work sheets highlighting some spending requests for the … Read More…

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The Selma Connection

selmaBy Judy Zacek

On March 7, 2015, the U.S. observed the 50th anniversary of what came to be known as “Bloody Sunday,” when citizens in Selma, Alabama, began what they intended as a peaceful 54-mile march from Selma to Montgomery, the state’s capital, to press for removal of Jim Crow laws and practices … Read More…

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Working with Senator Eldridge: Melissa Reilly

Senate President Therese Murray began her remarks by giving special recognition to Melissa Reilly an Office Aide for Senator Jamie Eldridge. Fenway Park was the setting in October for the signing of three significant bills to benefit those with disabilities. Melissa was complimented for her hard work and her friendliness in the State House. Murray noted that everyone deserves the opportunity to work and feel productive. The bills … Read More…

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State House Advocacy

Scott at the State HouseBy Scott Lentine

Last week, I visited the State House offices of some state legislators to discuss autism issues and to get to know them on a personal level. My first stop was the office of the Canton Representative William Galvin. I talked to him about … Read More…

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Poems by Scott Lentine

All Aboard The Arc! Anthem

Breaking down barriers
Opening up doors
Letting every individual’s opportunities soar
This is what All Aboard The Arc stands for

Changing norms that is the goal
Making sure society does not leave us out in the cold
Struggling every day to gain equal rights
Obtaining this vision through passion and might

I’m taking this journey with you
I … Read More…

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