Insider’s View: Representative Todd M. Smola

Representative Todd M. SmolaI represent the 1st Hampden District in the central region of the state which includes the towns of Brimfield, Holland, Palmer, Sturbridge, Wales, Ware and Warren. Currently I serve on both the House Committee on Ways and Means and the Joint Committee on Ways and Means. I’ve served in the House for over ten years and have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with many service organizations in my district. One of these organizations has been The Arc’s Center of Hope which provides services to individuals in each of the seven towns I represent. I have worked closely with their staff and have enjoyed being supportive of their efforts to provide skills, services, resources to facilitate the development of each person’s confidence and self-esteem leading to critical growth and independence. The Commonwealth faces a number of challenges and I am honored to bring the concerns of my district to my colleagues in the legislature. I look forward to a continued involvement with the Center of Hope and together we can improve the lives of many.

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