9C Cuts Impact DDS


Gov. Patrick speaks with Deb Wood of The Arc South Norfolk at event.

Governor Deval Patrick included 9C cuts at the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to address the $325 million projected shortfall in this year’s $36.5 billion state budget. The reductions took place in Employment and Day Services where $3 million was reduced and Family Support Services where the new monies ($2.5 million) appropriated by the legislature for unserved families was cut.

Having said that, The Arc is aware that the Patrick administration has made significant investments in addressing cost of living at DDS and in full-year funding of Turning 22 services for students graduating high school. The administration also will be filing a supplemental budget to ensure that most DDS residential services (ALTR) are funded consistent with Chapter 257.

An automatic tax rate reduction is a partial cause of the budget gap. On November 6, the Boston Globe reported that Gov. Patrick’s Administration and Finance Secretary, Glen Shor anticipated that the Commonwealth would meet the requirements for an automatic tax rate cut from 5.25% to 5.2% in January of 2015. The administration also decided not to utilize the rainy day fund.

We hope that new revenues will allow a supplemental budget to address these reductions.

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