Voices of Support

Voices of Support for Nicky's Law

I have a precious daughter with Down Syndrome. She is 25 and lives in a residential school in Massachusetts. I want to keep her safe. She loves everyone and has never hurt a soul. She deserves to be protected. It is a human right. Please pass Nicky's Law.

Betty R., Chicopee

I've worked with women who should be on this list.

Celis, Hanover

It's a matter of equality ,if someone has a disability they should have at least equal protection, if not more protection because they may not be verbal.

Peter G.

To My Massachusetts Representatives,

It is vital that Massachusetts takes the prudent and essential steps to protect our most vulnerable citizens. I have a son who is 19 years old and non-verbal. He has learned to comply his whole life with direct-service staff involvement for all his adult daily living skills. We should have laws that protect against perpetrators that would take advantage of his naive nature and level of understanding. I continue to support Nicky's Law and would expect our government to stand firm in backing the establishment of a "watch dog" Bill such as this so we don't have individuals continuing to work with our loved ones when they have been found guilty of abusing them.

It's unimaginable that this does not exist as yet in Massachusetts. Please prioritize this important legislation with urgency.

Linda C., Westford

Special needs kids need safe place. They are very innocent. This is very tragic death of an innocent soul. We need safe environment for our kids.

Swetha, Quincy

I have worked in the field of special needs before becoming a parent of two amazing special needs children. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about their future. Isabella who is non verbal we hope one day will be able to gain independence and live in a home with housemates and learn life skills. She and all like her should have a safe and happy environment to be able to live a life of love and acceptance.

Danielle G., Weymouth

Please pass Nicky’s Law. I have a 22 year old, beautiful, loving son, who does not talk and can’t tell me when he is in pain or hurt. He deserves safety and protection, as do we all. It is all of our responsibility to care for and protect individuals who can’t advocate for themselves.

Holly S., Wilbraham

Nicky's law is important to me because I'm important and people should be safe and not get hurt.

Molly M., Ware

This is important to me because it will keep people safe.

Andy B., Leicester

I believe people with intellectual disabilities DO NOT deserve to be ever neglected and should have the protection/resources to rely on in the event of neglect or being unfairly treated.

Zach L., Thompson

Nicky's law needs to pass so we can keep people safe and so they can't be bullied and hurt.

Sal, Ware

We need to keep our environment safe from evil. We need to also help people who are in trouble.

Ryan O., Southbridge

This law will make me safe and protect other people.

Brittany C., Southbridge

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