Advocacy Alliance Training in Fitchburg and Pittsfield

As part of our ongoing Advocacy Alliance with chapters of The Arc, The Arc of Opportunity in Fitchburg hosted the first in a series of advocacy training sessions on budget and legislative initiatives.

The Arc of MA’s Charlie Fiske outlined some of the steps in the legislature’s annual budget preparation and the process of how bills are formulated and passed into law. The group consisted of families whose members are served by the local Arc and are interested in advocating with their Representatives and Senators about how better to care for their loved ones. Participants were encouraged to recognize that they are the “experts” when advocating with legislators about various state budget line items and bills.

Special recognition is offered to The Arc of Opportunity staff Allison Moscinski, Division Director of Day Hab and Family Supports; Madeline Merchant, Program Director of Family Supports; and Christopher Lounsbury, Recreation and Family Supports Coordinator, who worked in setting up the training session. Also on the same day, The Arc’s Herb Cabral conducted a similar Advocacy Alliance session at The Berkshire County Arc in Pittsfield.

Written by Charlie Fiske
Director of Public Policy

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