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About The Arc of Massachusetts

The Arc of Massachusetts, founded in 1955, is a 501(c)3 non-profit, state-wide advocacy organization dedicated to securing for persons with developmental disabilities the full range of rights and opportunities guaranteed every American. Our mission includes education, support and advocacy, and we work with individuals, families, agencies, businesses, and legislators to achieve our goals. Through our national affiliate, The Arc of the United States, we are the largest grass–roots organization that advocates for the interests of persons with mental retardation and related disabilities in the United States. Currently, The Arc of Massachusetts has 18 chapter affiliates (grassroots organizations), and over 40 other organizations across the state which affiliate with us through a “Sponsor” status.

About Advocate Circulation

The Advocate is the official newsletter and membership communication vehicle of The Arc of Massachusetts. Advocate has a circulation of more than 8,000, plus a non-mail distribution of approximately 1,000 more copies. We know that each copy is shared with an average of three other individuals. This means that each exposure of your organization in Advocate is seen by nearly 15,000 people across the Commonwealth. More importantly, each edition of the Advocate focuses on a topic crucial to persons concerned with developmental disabilities. This means that each issue will be retained and referred to again by our readers, giving our advertisers the opportunity to be seen again and again.

Who Reads Advocate?

There are four significant categories of readers:

  • Individuals with disabilities and family members—our largest group of readers.
  • Advocates, professionals and decision-makers in the field. These include staff of human service agencies, from Counselors to CEOs, and state decision-makers (complimentary copies are mailed to all legislators and relevant administration officials).
  • Hundreds of agency and business listings (including over 300 agencies that contract with the Commonwealth, Local DMR area offices, and Parent Councils related to School and Early Intervention programs).
  • Donors and other supporters of The Arc of Massachusetts’ mission. These are individuals and businesses which help us maintain our work, including insurance companies, other associations, law firms, investment companies, and manufacturers.

Marketing Opportunities

There are a number of excellent opportunities to present your company’s products or services. In the section below we identify rates for the advertising in Advocate. You also can be an Arc Partner by sponsoring an issue of Advocate. Alternately, at a different level, you can choose to support us by participating in our events; through our state convention exhibits or advertising; or as an Arc sponsor. For more information about how you can help The Arc, please contact Katrin Aback, Director of Development, at (781) 891-6270, x6105.

Advocate Advertising Schedule and Rates

Advocate is published 4 times a year, in February, May, August, and November. Discounted rates are available to advertisers who commit to two or more issues per year, as shown on the table below. Ads may be customized to fit the advertiser’s needs. Please contact Beth Rutledge for assistance in planning your ad, at (781) 891-6270, ext. 101.

Ad Sizing per Issue One Issue Two to Three Issues
10% Discount
Four Issues
15% Discount
Full page 7-1/4″W x 9-3/4″H $1,800 $1,620 $1,530
Half page 7-1/4″W x 4-3/4″H $900 $810 $765
Quarter page
3-1/2″W x 4-3/4″H
$500 $450 $425
Eighth of a Page
3-1/2″W x 2″l
$250 $225 $200
Customized Listings TBD
Please inquire

Rates are per Issue. Discount applies for multi-issue prepaid advertising.
Rates are subject to change. Please check with us for the closing date for ads for the next issue.

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