American Health Care Act & Medicaid Cuts

American Health Care Act

& Medicaid Cuts

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) will cost Massachusetts $1 billion in Medicaid cuts. Daily supports such as employment, residential, and personal care are all underwritten by Medicaid.

The AHCA would impact the availability of resources and funds for individuals and families as it:

  • increases barriers to quality health care for those with I/DD as states lose federal funds
  • reinstitutes lifetime and annual caps in health insurance
  • removes mandatory coverage for essential health benefits, so those with breaks of coverage will experience higher premiums and out of pocket payments
  • reduces the quality or quantity of the daily services that you or a family member receive
  • further burdens the 60% of families who provide care for people with I/DD

Governor Charlie Baker was quoted in late May by The Associated Press as saying that the Medicaid cuts in the House bill alone could cost Massachusetts about $1 billion starting in 2020 and grow over time to $1.5 billion — putting at risk health insurance for between 400,000 and 500,000 people.

“You can’t peel over a trillion dollars out of the Medicaid program at the federal level and not to expect to have huge consequences for all states, including this one,” said Baker.

President Trump’s budget further cuts Medicaid and significantly cuts other human service programs.  The Arc of Massachusetts Executive Director Leo Sarkissian recently noted in his blog, “If the budget proposed by President Donald Trump passes as is, funding for Meals on Wheels across the country will be gutted. The budget also will significantly impact Medicaid, which our constituents depend upon.”

The entire Massachusetts delegation is with us on this issue.  You can however reach out to families and friends in other states represented by Republicans in the House or Senate to advocate for Medicaid and existing services. You can share this video from The Arc with them. We are at a critical juncture and we need to be advocates…all.

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