The Becker Center for Advocacy

The Becker Center for Advocacy

Dan and Angela Becker became involved with The Arc after their son Michael, who had Down syndrome, was born in 1965. As parents, Dan and Angela served as role models and were ahead of the times. They believed that no one should be left behind and made sure Mike was involved in the community. They also were exceptional volunteers and served on the boards of Greater Boston Arc and The Arc of Massachusetts. Dan was a particularly active force on the Government Affairs Committee. As committed advocates, they worked to ensure that parents’ voices were heard. In 2014, The Arc of Massachusetts dedicated the Center for Advocacy in honor of the Becker family’s decades of advocacy.

Dan and Angela worked hard to make sure that Mike would have a good life long after they had passed away. When he predeceased them, their legacy became a gift for our entire community. In this spirit, the Becker Trust will advance family advocacy for innovative programs that promote lifelong community supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

This intensive three-year advocacy and outreach initiative will support The Arc in meeting these important  goals:

  1. Advance opportunities for persons with disabilities through budget and systems advocacy
  2. Help families learn about and access needed supports, including elder caregivers
  3. Advance inclusion of persons with disabilities in work and social pursuits
  4. Address discrimination, both explicit and unintended especially targeting the medical community

The Becker Family Trust Grants for Innovation (2017-2018)

In the fall of 2017, the Trustees and Advisors of the Becker Family Trust in conjunction with the Becker Center for Advocacy received dozens of incredible applications for the Becker Family Trust Grants for Innovation. Grants awarded by The Becker Family Trust are for innovative, high impact projects benefiting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities for social inclusion, self-determination, employment, assistive technology and supported living. Learn more about the grant project and recipients here.

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