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2014-2015 Legislative Session

The chart below lists the name and summary of bills we support.

Bill Summary Sponsor Status – last session /2013 session
H.137 An Act for passage to independence “Passage to Independence” focuses on adequate funding for Community First with a focus on those served by Dept. of Devel. Services (DDS) and Turning 22 ( transition from high school to adult life.) Turning 22 dollars are allocated to DDS and the Mass. Rehab. Commission (MRC). Some monies also set aside for those on the DDS tracking list. Rep. James O’Day with 29 co- sponsors Children &Families (JCF) reported out to House W&M-2/29/12. Heard on 11/5/13. 4/2/14 reported favorably as amended H4067. 5/12/14 sent to HW&M. This bill did not pass during the 2013-14 session.
H.151 An Act Relative to Real Lives The “Real lives” bill expands the ability of people to direct their own public funds. It requires that the administration implement certain new policies and procedures so as to allow public funds to be used as flexibly as possible by the individual or family. Rep. Tom Sannicandro with former Senator Clark and 112 co-sponsors JCF reported out favorably to House Ways and Means (HW&M) and 3rd reading in 2012. 2013-placed by House into 2014 budget document pending conference committee approval. JCF heard the bill on July 16,2013. Redrafted by Sen Barrett as H4063. Reported out to HCF on 5/8/14. Reported favorable by HCF on 6/9/14 with new draft (H4051) to House Ways and Means. Signed into law (CH255 of 2014) on August 6, 2014.
H.87/S.24 An Act to Support the Transition to Adult Services for Persons with Disabilities Expands transition (Turning 22) services and supports to students with disabilities “without adult service agency ties” (688 process). It also updates and expands the types of “habilitative services” that must be provided under the 688 process. It assigns to EOHHS the obligation to monitor and collect data on the extent to which needed 688 services are not being provided, because of shortfalls in appropriations. Rep. Mark Cusack & Sen. Gale Candaras and 42 co-sponsors Reported out favorably from JCF Committee to HCF in 2012. Heard on 11/5/13. 4/14/14 reported favorably by C&F. Sent to Health Care Finance on 5/12/14. Favorable report by HCF on 6/11/14 to House Ways and Means. This bill did not pass during the 2013-14 session.
H.1941 An Act supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities Calls for Executive Office of Health & Human Services, Department of Public Health, and Office of Medicaid to improve access to high-quality health care and eliminate health care disparities among disability populations. Areas of focus will include care coordination, disability education requirements and cultural competence for professional licensure and renewal. Rep. Carolyn Dykema and 25 co-sponsors Didn’t leave Joint Committee on Public Health (JPH) in 2012. The bill was heard by JPH on 10/ 29/13. Study order 3/18/14 means it did not pass during the 2013-14 session.
H.78/S.908  An Act to Permit the DDS to Provide Services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities Expands eligibility to add persons with Developmental Disabilities consistent with the federal definition. Will assist those with Autism and Prader-Willi, Expansion subject to appropriation. The bill also addresses language not yet changed to “intellectual disability” in statute. New bill -Rep. Kay Khan and Senator Flanagan New- heard by JCF on 5/21/13. JCF redrafted to H3715 and reported out favorably on 10/21/13 to Health Care Finance Committee as H3715. Passed into law on August 5, 2014 as part of the omnibus Autism bill (CH226 of 2014).
H. 2839 An Act facilitating the development of underutilized facilities and state-owned property  Proposes a mechanism to capture 50 percent of the proceeds of the sale or disposition of surplus property of the Dept. of Mental Health and Developmental Services for use in creating housing for persons served by the DDS or DMH. Rep. Kay Khan and 3 co-sponsors Went to Joint Committee on State Administration (JSA)- reported out favorably to HW&M on 3/19/12. 2013- heard by JSA on 5/15/13. Heard by JCF on 11/19/13. 4/2/14 reported favorably as amended. 5/12/14 is now H4068. 6/11/14 HCF favorable to House Ways and Means. This bill did not pass during the 2013-14 session.
H.235/S.354 An Act for Healthy Families Preventative legislation that creates pragmatic and flexible program to replace toxic chemicals with safer alternatives wherever feasible. Targets only the most toxic chemicals. Rep. J. Kaufman/ Sen. K. Donnelly Reported out favorably from Environment Committee to Senate Ways and Means (SW&M) 11/21/11. 2013- (new bill language from 2012) Environment Committee attached S 354 to S387 and reported out favorably on 3/27/13. S387 sent to Senate W&M on 4/9/13. H235 reported favorably as amended on 3/17/14. 4/2/14 H3997 to Health Care Finance. 5/19/14 favorable sent to House Ways and Means. This bill did not pass during the 2013-14 session.
H. 149 An Act creating a means for tracking the unmet need of individuals with developmental disabilities Establishes the means to gather more data for assessing the unmet needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. Directs the Office of Disabilities and Community Services to maintain the system and articulates which agencies will submit information. Annual reports would be made available on-line to the public with the # of individuals with DD who apply for service; receive service or do not receive service. Rep. Tom Sannicandro and 4 co-sponsors Reported out favorably from JCF to Health Care Finance Committee (HCF), 3 extension orders filed went to study June of 2012. 2013- assigned to JCF, heard on 11/19/13. 5/12/14 favorable to W&M. This bill did not pass during the 2013-14 session.
H.1674 An Act to require national background checks Requires national background checks for all individuals who apply for work with DDS or its vendor agencies. Currently, DDS and vendor agencies are required to conduct statewide CORI checks, but no national check, which means applicant’s criminal record outside Massachusetts may not be identified. Former Rep. Martin Walsh 2/14/2011: Referred to Joint Committee on Judiciary (JJU), reported out favorably to HWM on 10/14/11. 2013- bill was re-written to conform with state and federal guidelines. Heard by JJU on 7/9/13. Redrafted version submitted in March 2014. New draft is H4125 – favorable to W&M on 5/15/14. Signed into law (CH234 of 2014) on August 5, 2014
H.106/S.30 An Act relative to the humane treatment of disabled persons Bans aversive therapy in Massachusetts. Prohibits the use of corporeal punishment, including shocking and pinching, for the purpose of changing the behavior of persons with physical or mental disabilities by any program funded, operated, licensed or approved by the Commonwealth. Rep. Danielle Gregoire and Senator Brian Joyce and 23 co-sponsors Reported out favorably from JCF in 2012 to SW&M. 2013- included in SW&M 2014 but not included in final budget. Heard by JCF on 11/19/13. Extension order granted on 3/18/14 until 6/13/14. Sent to study 6/13/14. This bill did not pass during the 2013-14 session.
H.481 Act to Promote Inclusive Transition Programs for Student with Severe Disabilities Provides Inclusive Concurrent enrollment discretionary grant program to meet needs to students with severe disabilities through a school district-higher education partnership. It will allow such students the change to have an inclusive experience at a higher education setting in the least restrictive environment. Rep. Tom Sannicandro 2013- assigned to Joint Committee on Education (JCE). Heard on 6/6/13. Reported favorably as amended 3/18/14. 4/3/15 now H4015 – sent to Rules. This bill did not pass during the 2013-14 session.
S. 601 Resolve providing for investigation and study by a special commission relative to the need for accessible homes etc. This bill establishes a special commission to investigate the need for accessible housing for several groups including  for the elderly, returning veterans with disabilities, and families that includes persons with disabilities. The commission shall review and evaluate options that will result in expanded access to homes through the application of building standards known as Inclusive Home Design or Visitability Sen. Pat Jehlen and 12 co-sponsors 2013- Joint Committee on Housing(JHO) heard on 5/7/13. Reported favorably as amended, now S1787. Senate engrossed on 9/3/13. Sent to HW&M on 10/2/13. This bill did not pass during the 2013-14 session.
H1127 An Act financing the production and preservation of housing for low and moderate income residents This is a housing bond bill with many co-sponsors. It will help many groups. It appropriates 55M for home modification for homeowners with blindness and severe disabilities; 47M for community-based housing or supportive housing for individuals with intellectual disabilities or mental illness; 38M for people served by MA Rehab Commission. Rep. Kevin Honan 2013- JHO heard on 4/4/13; substituted H3464 then H3491 then H3492 passed by House on 6/5/13. Heard by Senate Committee on Bonding 6/20/13 as S1829. Then passed in the Senate as amended S1835 on 7/30/13. Conference committee final version (H3727) was signed into law (CH127 of 2013) on 11/14/13.
H 136 An Act to increase the Commonwealth’s compliance with federal law meeting requirements of the ADA. This bill would direct Administration and Finance to develop standards to identify and recruit qualified applicants with disabilities for employment and would require agencies or businesses which contract with the state to comply with those benchmarks. Results of these hiring efforts would be required to be reported annually to the legislature. Rep. James O’Day 2013-JCF received the bill and referred it to the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development on 3/25/13. Heard on 9/10/13. Reported out favorably by L&WD on 11/12/13. W&M committee on 11/18/13. This bill did not pass during the 2013-14 session.
H 1366 An Act relative to uniform guardianship and protective proceedings jurisdiction. This bill would bring MA into the Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act (UAGPPJA) – as the 39th state to adhere to a uniform set of rules. UAGPPJA makes no substantive changes to MA’ adult guardianship laws – the criteria by which state courts determine whether guardianship is appropriate and who should be awarded guardianship remain the same. The legislation establishes universal guidelines for determining which state has jurisdiction over each guardianship case and creates a framework that allows state court judges in different states to communicate with each other about where appropriate jurisdiction lies. Rep. Anne Gobi and 7 co-sponsors This bill is a re-file from the 2011/12 session but is newly backed by the Arc in collaboration with AARP. Heard by Judiciary on 4/9/14. 6/2/14 redrafted to S2165 reported favorably to SW&M. Bill was passed and signed into law (CH255 of 2014) on August 5, 2014.

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