Budget Debate Moves to the Senate

budget moves to senateThe Senate has begun the review process for their version of the FY’17 Budget with an expected release date of May 17th. Part of that effort involves The Arc and other providers working with Senators to advocate for budget line items that will benefit those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The final House version of the budget line items closely reflected the same amounts that were listed in the governor’s budget. The hope is to have additional increases especially in two line items DDS 5920-2000 (Community Residential) and DDS 5920-2025 (Day and Employment Services). One of the major concerns is the impact of the 979 students who will turn 22. Without the additional funding, they may lose services and employment.

During the House budget debate, there were more than ninety representatives who co-signed onto amendments supported by The Arc. Much thanks goes to the many individuals and advocates who contacted their representatives urging their support for amendments to increase various line item funds. We would encourage our readers to advocate as strongly now while the Senate is in budget deliberations. Once the Senate budget is released in a few weeks, we will again ask for your support.

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