Taking Stock of The Arc

As we approach the end of the calendar year, many people are reviewing their investment portfolios and making decisions about selling, buying, and rebalancing. You may want to consider contributing the stock to The Arc of Massachusetts. Your gift of appreciated stocks or securities will not only support The Arc’s mission, but it may also provide you with significant tax benefits. For example, by gifting stock you can avoid paying capital gains taxes on the appreciated value and may be able to take a tax deduction on the fair market value. Continue reading

You Can Be the Difference

More than 200,000 adults and children in Massachusetts have an intellectual or developmental disability such as autism. Each family has its own story. It often tells of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and grandparents who are trying to do what is best for their loved ones. They face daunting challenges and doubts about how to help their family members live healthy, safe, fulfilling lives. Continue reading