Leo’s Letter: Advancing Community Inclusion from the Berkshires to Boston

Last week, Tim Franchere got to pose with his state senator, Adam Hinds, in the local news.  Tim was recognized for his achievements, including his job at a store and volunteer work at the local Meals on Wheels program.  Anthony Tanner was recognized, too, but not only for his stellar employment history.  Anthony’s growth as an employee has spilled over to his personal life, where he has realized with some coaching that he can be more independent in his apartment, too, helping to prepare his own and community meals. Continue reading

Leo’s Letter: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

It was a beautiful fall day in Greater Denver as we listened to a presentation by Xavier about himself, his family, and his recent activities. His fellow students in the elementary school class listened intently along with his mother, father, and grandparents. There should be nothing unusual about a class presentation, but my grandnephew, Xavier, happens to be a young man with Down syndrome. I may be biased, but Xavier showed a talent for showmanship – perhaps a direction for his teen and adult years. Continue reading