Meet The Brokers: Sarah Gallo

Sarah has been active in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities and their families for over 15 years. She approaches her work with creativity, energy, and enthusiasm. Since graduating with a degree in special education from Boston University, Sarah has worked as a special education teacher, Early Intervention educator, and a coordinator of family supports. Continue reading

Meet The Brokers: Kim Kates

Kim began her career working with men and women with developmental disabilities in various organizations that provided independent living supports and residential services. Over the years, she formed strong relationships with other professionals in the field and developed a sound knowledge of resources and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Continue reading

Meet The Brokers: Ellen Heald

Ellen Heald is currently a principal at the Northshore Education Consortium Transitions Programs of SOAR and Embark which are located on the campus of Salem State University. The SOAR and Embark programs assist to implement transition services to special education students ages 18-22 with transition services. Continue reading