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Sam and Nina’s “Framily”

“My 8 year old daughter, Nina, has autism as well as some medically complex conditions that result in frequent seizures and CRS (Compulsive Respiratory Stereotypies) that causes her to lose consciousness and stop breathing. Nina also has sleep disturbances due to her autism. If she’s up, I’m up. My job is to keep her breathing and alive. I’m the mom, nurse, and overall caregiver for my family. I am blessed to have a wonderful group of women friends who play an active role in our lives every day. They are my “framily” (friends + family) and I have the upmost regard, respect and allegiance to them. They don’t wait for me to ask for help. They just show up. I can wake up and find 5 women in my house. One’s at the sink, two are getting Nina ready for her bath and two are there to help me fill out paperwork. I can cry with them and then we move on together.

My framily all have lives of their own, husbands, children, jobs. The way I give back is by planning and organizing a monthly get-together. I also organize a Mother’s Day weekend away from our families so we can pamper ourselves and each other. I’m able to live life to the fullest and be present for Nina, my son Nick and my husband because of this wonderful circle of support.”


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