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[Webinar] Art Class with Artist Scott Benner

May 6 @ 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Wednesday, May 6 | 1:30PM
Registration is now open.

Artist Scott Benner will provide a simple demonstration of how easy it is to apply a checkerboard pattern and convert it into an abstract picture. It’s a simple, fun way to create a picture and it can be done simply or as detailed as a person wants. To attend all you need is a blank piece of paper, sharpies, pens or other markers ,a straight edge and, a pencil and eraser are also good to have.

“I shouldn’t be doing it to try to sell pictures. I should be doing what inspires me. That’s where the real roots are—where the good stuff comes from.”

Scott Benner experiences cluster headaches and bouts of confusion as a result of Horner’s syndrome, which he developed in 2012. After working for thirty years, his neurologist deemed him unable to work again, ultimately leaving him without a home and without a job. The 401k, the job he thought he would have for the rest of his life, and his house were gone. The foundation of his life quickly vanished into the past.

By May of 2013, Scott was living on the streets until he went into a homeless shelter, with no idea of what was going to happen next, thinking “how did I end up here?”

Life in the homeless shelter changed everything for Scott. At first, reflecting on the sudden and drastic loss of three decades of security, he was forced to rethink what work means and how to create value for himself and others. But then he started drawing. His abstract geometric patterns imaginatively came to life in multitudes and series.

Scott’s portfolio encompasses over 40 years of practice, patience, and perseverance. His preferred mode of creation utilizes fine line pen and ink, a medium he enjoys for “the contrast and the sharp, crisp lines.” His body of work is the result of thousands of hours of dedication, with some pieces, such as the grandiose Before Hand After Hand, taking upwards of 1,000 hours or more.

Scott finds solace in his art, moved by how others are touched by and respond to his work. After meeting with Liz Powers, CEO of AtLifting in 2014, he began selling his creations via ArtLifting and has since found housing, happiness, and realized dreams that he didn’t always know he had but were always a part of him.


May 6
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
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