Operation House Call


“It was a privilege to be part of this truly outstanding program. I have witnessed first hand…the impact of (the student) visits and I believe this kind of training is as powerful and significant as any.” – Parent volunteer, 2016

“I can’t speak highly enough of this program – Operation House Call was the most eye-opening and inspiring experience of the (pediatric) rotation by far. Thank you for doing this, and I hope that future medical students will be able to continue to experience this year after year.” – 3rd year medical student, 2016

“This home visit was a great experience and very integral not just to pediatric education but medical education in general. It is rare to get an opportunity to so deeply and extensively connect with a family in their environment but very essential to becoming to complete practitioner.” – BU medical student

“Thank you so much! I am so so happy we were able to do this – it was such an eye-opener for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was initially very nervous but sitting and talking with the family and really getting to know them was fantastic. Definitely made a mark on my journey through medical school that I will never forget.” – OHC medical student, 2016

“Seeing this glimpse of the family gave us a brief insight into the lives of this family that I would not have seen in a 15 minute office visit. Their love and compassion for their kids is truly inspiring, and made me wonder if I would be able to do what they do, every day, every minute of their lives.” – BU medical student

“Thank you…so much for taking the time to write such extensive replies to my entry! The links you included are very useful and I’m glad to have a little more knowledge about these different programs tucked in my back pocket. One of the things I’ve struggled with in medical school is learning how to adequately bridge the gap between the clinic and real life. Poor of an excuse though it is, I don’t know what resources are available for families simply because I’ve never needed those resources myself. It’s been harder than I expected to fill this knowledge gap during my time (in medical school), so I’m especially appreciative of the extra info you both provided! This was a great experience for me, both in terms of medical education and personal growth. I hope you’re able to continue to offer this program to future students at Tufts, even the ones who are rotating at other hospitals!” – Tufts medical student, 2016

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