Pathways Guides & How To’s

Pathways Guides & How Tos

Below, you will find an index of guides (how tos) released over the years by the Pathways to Friendship team and the extended Friendship network. Click on the thumbnails to access the specific topic, and check back for future guides.

These fact sheets are sponsored by Pathways to Friendship/Widening The Circle, formerly The Real Friends Project, a partnership between The Arc of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services.

Visit the main Pathways to Friendship webpage.

How to Start a Matchmaking Project

How Introductions Can Lead to Relationships

How to Build Bridges to Faith

How to Build Futures

How to Establish a Community of Friends

How Relationships Are the Key to Transition Planning

Finding Faithful Friends

How People with Friends Are Healthier

(Dis)Ability Awareness

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