Goal Setting Study with Transition Age Youth at Boston University

YELL program logoDr. Jessica Kramer, in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Boston University, is conducting a federally funded study examining the impact of goal setting versus a problem-solving intervention on transition-age youth’s achievement of goals, feelings of confidence about themselves and their disability, and ability to advocate for their needs (NIDRR Grant # H133G120091).

The study is actively seeking transition-age youth and young adults with developmental disabilities ages 14-21 interested in participating in the goal-setting option. Young adults and their parents will meet with the interventionist, a licensed clinical social worker, to complete questionnaires about knowledge and feelings. The interventionist will then work with young adults to set a goal to do a new activity in the community, work, or at school. Examples include taking the train by themselves, going out to the movies on the weekend with their friends, or applying for a volunteer position.

Young adults will work towards their goal over a 12 week period, and the interventionist will check in with young adults to remind to work towards their goal. At the end of the 12 weeks, the young adults and their parent meet again with the interventionist to complete the same questionnaires. Six weeks later, they meet one final time with the interventionist. Young adults receive gift certificates to support goal-related activities and to thank them for their time.

Young adults and their families who are interested in participating should contact Dr. Kramer’s research team at kramerbulab@gmail.com or 617-353-7522.

You can learn more about Dr. Kramer’s research at her website for the Youth and Young Adult Empowerment, Leadership, and Learning Lab: http://sites.bu.edu/yell/

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