Vocational Women’s Group at Center of Hope

The weekly meeting of the vocational women’s group at the Center of Hope considers a variety of issues including self-esteem, work place concerns, community issues and challenges. Group member Sara Donnelly is also an active participant on The Arc’s Government Affairs Committee. This past week, she invited The Arc’s Charlie Fiske to meet with the group to review some strategies on basic advocacy and voting.

The 14 members of the group shared some of the difficulties they faced when growing up, as well as challenges they meet on a daily basis. The group eagerly encouraged and supported each other, and shared their own reflections on how to remain positive.

Advocacy efforts show how each of the group’s members can affect their own lives, and when they vote they bring about positive change. More than half of the members are registered voters and plan to vote on November 6. The members of the vocational women’s group also reflect the caring and beneficial impact that the Center of Hope staff has had on each of the participants.

Written by Charlie Fiske
Director of Public Policy

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