Insider’s View: Representative Stephen Kulik

Stephen KulikThe nineteen towns of the First Franklin District include some from Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire counties. As vice chair of the Ways and Means Committee, I’m aware of the efforts of the United Arc based in Turner Falls and other service groups to meet the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. Their efforts enable many of my constituents to achieve their full potential within community based settings. I understand the diversity of needs facing those with developmental disabilities as well as the challenges of service delivery in more rural settings. I look forward to offering my help and support so that all our residents can benefit.

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  1. kelly kobylanski

    Representative Stephen Kulik,
    My daughter, as I write this, is having a housing crisis. The agency that provides 24/7 services for her owns the home she lives in. Because DDS will not fill two empty bedrooms in her home, for lack of a better term, she is being evicted from her home. She has a dual diagnosis, and has been in the home since 2009, she has been stable for the past 6-7 months. The worst part of her story is that this is the SECOND home DDS will “evict” her from and close down.
    The alternatives they offer do not come close to reasonable-and will cause her to have escalating anxiety//PTSD symptoms. In a recent meeting in the Holyoke Chicopee DDS meeting, my husband said “are you trying make her more disabled” (so she will be less verbal/less of a problem because she is functioning well in the community for the first time in 7 years). Now I am not saying that they did not offer three alternatives, because they did, all three would diminish her functioning, and mental health( mind you that she already has a Roger’s order for antipsychotic medication). Now a reasonable person would say, hey lets fill the two empty rooms in the house, the agency owes it, each resident pays 75% of all there income and cost share for cable and other extras they might want. Plus the guardians light me throw in gift cards for extras or grills, screen rooms and needed extras. But With DDS, this must make too much sense, so my daughter can regress in another placement, with new roommates and vender and I can grieve with my family as we watch her decompensate. I chose a career, mental health counseling masters degree and do you know what I do–help children I crisis and there families (CBHI) services. But I guess my observation of her situation does not matter, according to DDS. So I will fight, send this letter to others and pray that someone will step up and help me get DDS to “DO THE RIGHT THING.) Thank you for you time, Kelly Kobylanski, 413-668-7304

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