Insider’s View: Representative James J. Dwyer

senator dwyerMy district, the 30th Middlesex, includes 5 precincts in Woburn, 4 precincts in Reading and is located about twelve miles northeast of Boston.  Currently, I serve on four committees; Public Safety and Homeland Security; Revenue; Bonding, Capital Expenditures & State Assets; Steering, Policy and Scheduling.  Prior to being a State Representative in the Legislature, I served more than three decades as a juvenile probation officer followed by one term on the Woburn City Council as an Alderman. I had the great privilege of also serving as a board member of NuPath, Inc., which serves individuals with developmental disabilities in our region. That experience, as well as the constituent work in my legislative district, has led to my much better understanding and appreciation of the challenges that individuals and families face on a regular basis.  Our continued efforts are vital to support programs that help lead individuals lead independent lives. I have seen firsthand those types of success stories in programs like NuPath, Inc., and EMARC; both located in my district. There are no easy solutions but our willingness to work together to develop sound legislative solutions gives families hope that they can face their tomorrows with optimism.

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