It Happened…

It happened – the US House of Representatives has voted once more to change the Affordable Care Act. In return for reducing access or services through health care and Medicaid, you’ll have an additional tax benefit for paying more for health care. However,  imagine if you have a disability and need long term services and support – reduced Medicaid means reduced or no supports. In such as situation very few people have the resources to pay for their own long term supports, let alone health care. Our delegation voted to preserve ACA along with 20 Republicans who voted against leadership.

The timing of this attack can’t be worse for us – the Governor and the State House of Representatives have embraced a new Turning 22 formula that opens doors WIDER to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities! We trust that the State Senate will pass the formula too.

The American Health Care Act, if passed will penalize our state for expanding access. Peter Berns, CEO of The Arc (US), stated, “The federal government will be walking away from a more than 50 year partnership with states when it comes to Medicaid. Deep cuts and radical restructuring will decimate the Medicaid program. With an over $800 billion cut to Medicaid, states will face difficult choices about what people to cut from the program or what services to roll back.” This devastating affect is separate from the losses in private insurance for those with disabilities including “essential health benefits”.
Next, the fight goes to the Senate where our senators are with us. If you have family or friends in other states, this is the time to reach out.

Please take less than 2 minutes to watch persons with disabilities and families share their thoughts in: “If I could say”.


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  1. It’s taking steps back in decades for this population and their families. We as humantarians MUST not sit this one out.

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