Leo’s Letter: Celebrating the Passion of Professionals

On Monday night, LifeLinks brought together some board members, families, staff, and the people they support to celebrate the achievements of individuals and the agency. It was a heartwarming night led by CEO Jean Phelps and Board Chair Pamela Anastasi.

Michael Gandi received the LifeLinks Staff Recognition Award and his remarks moved many of us. He deserves our recognition, too. His passion, commitment, and expertise shone brightly. He believes in the individual constituent’s voice and knows that it is his role to provide learning opportunities which aim toward the individual’s success. Recently, when one of those he supports moved into a residence, he helped the new staff learn about the individuals’ needs, patterns, likes, and hopes. He wanted the staff to succeed, too, regardless of their role – whether as a teacher, bridge builder, personal care companion, or health coach.

Michael typifies the professionals we want to acknowledge. We need to grow their number. Together, we can make sure there are more Michaels choosing this field!





Leo V. Sarkissian
Executive Director

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