Leo’s Letter: Themes from Our Annual Meeting

On May 10, members and friends of The Arc of Massachusetts gathered together to review the year, elect several board members, and hear our speaker, DDS Commissioner Jane Ryder.

  • Cheryl Ryan Chan, The Joseph Andrade Award for Leadership
  • Jean Goldsberry of the Minute Man Arc for Human Services for Community Building
  • Kevin J. Leahy of The Cooperative for Human Services for Leadership and Sustained Advocacy
  • Jo Ann Simons of The Northeast Arc for Innovative Programs and Increased Community Visibility
  • Lynne Sugar of The Arc of Opportunity for Advancing the Capacity of The Arc

In their comments, themes about family and self-advocacy prevailed. Jane Ryder shared how her parents taught her and her siblings that their lives were no less “typical” simply because a member of their family had a disability. Kevin Leahy of Cooperative for Human Services talked about the mothers who built the engine of The Arc’s advocacy. They knew there could be something better and laid the foundation for the services that have come to pass. Jean Goldsberry focused on the voice of the individuals themselves and their connections throughout the Minute Man community. We need to listen to those voices and give them the tools for maximum self-determination.

We hope all volunteers and staff work with a passion for connecting individuals with their communities and supporting families. Much has been accomplished, but our journey is far from over. We know what we have left undone.





Leo V. Sarkissian
Executive Director

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