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You can make a difference in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families by volunteering with The Arc of Massachusetts or one of our Local Chapters. Continue reading

Our Team

Staff Members

Executive Director
Leo V. Sarkissian
(781) 891-6270

Director of Development
Katrin Aback
(781) 891-6270 x105

Director of Government Affairs
Maura Sullivan
(781) 891-6270 x113

Director of Outreach and Education
Kerry Mahoney
(781) 891-6270 x109

Director of Public Policy
Charles Fiske
(781) 891-6270 x111

Policy Officer
Ellen Taverna
(781) 891-6270 x112

Development and Digital Media Associate
Katerina Daley
(781) 891-6270 x104

Community Relations Manager
Kathleen Amaral
(781) 891-6270

Administrative Assistant
Beth Rutledge
(781) 891-6270 x101

Susan FitzPatrick
(781) 891-6270 x107

Board of Directors

Scott Borchardt

Vice President
Kristin Hilf

Janet Sweeney Rico, PhD

Subhadeep Basu

Past President
Deborah Norton

Tracy Atkinson, Director
Brett G. Bell, Director
Dan Burke, Director
Brian Cusack, Director

Rick Daswani, Director
Susan C. Lodemore, Director
John Nadworny, Director
Jean Phelps, Director

Steering Committee

Janet Sweeney Rico, PhD, Chair
Jim Buss
Paul Cote
Hillary Dunn Stanisz
Rosalie Edes
Christopher Fox, PhD
Sarah Jerome
Roxanne Hoke-Chandler

Cindy Howard
Karen Mariscal
Barbara Pilarcik
James Ragazzo
Renald Raphael
Mary Valachovic
Brian Villani