Leo’s Letter: “Passion As Pathway…” Raising Expectations

Some time ago we talked about individuals who used their personal “passion” to find a pathway to living a fuller life. It can be a pathway to communication, a peaceful respite from the challenges or drudgery of the week, or a path to a fulfilling role. Somewhere in each of us there is that thing or idea which inspires us. We all can benefit from loved ones, friends or mentors helping us become aware of our passion. As one mom exclaimed, “There is a light bulb in Stephen waiting to light up.



Courtesy of ABC

An Australian initiative to widen the doors of participation to dance, theater, and other entertainment caught my eye. Bruce Gladwin, “Back to Back” artistic director is part of this movement. “Don’t Play Us, Pay Us” is the campaign cry.  Bruce says “fear of the unknown” kept many actors with perceived disabilities from being cast in theatre, film and television.” This year in Sydney, “Arts Activated” will showcase people with disability as leaders, arts practitioners, audience and advocates, alongside best practice initiatives from the arts and cultural industries.


You or your loved one may not be interested in music, acting or art, but what is that something? Let’s raise our expectations and not let outside pressures or disappointments get in our way. All of us have something inside waiting waiting to “light up.”


Leo Sarkissian, Executive Director


Share your “passion as pathway” story with us! Visit thearcofmass.org/share-your-story/ and tell us how you or someone you  know found their pathway.

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