Act Now: Ensure Necessary FY21 Funding for People with I/DD and Autism

We ask for your help at this pivotal time for the disability community. Please take a few minutes to reach out to your legislators using The Arc’s template below. Governor Baker recently submitted his revised FY’ 2021 budget.

We must act now to advocate for the critical needs of our community and to ensure appropriate funding considering the pandemic’s devastating impact.

Thank you for taking action. Stay tuned to The Arc for more information as the final budget comes to fruition over the next month.




  1. Please,
    My daughter is in a group home in Holbrook.
    The Staff works diligently. There has to be more funding in order to pay them more, thus preventing so much turnover,. They make $14 dollars per hour, and work very hard in all aspects.
    Please release funding so this frágil population can receive good care.
    Thank you.

  2. Please support the frágil population in group homes. There is a big turnover in Staff because there are many responsibilities, and hard work and they make very little money. Fast food workers make more than the staff at group homes.
    Please think if it were one of your family members there.
    Do what is morally right.
    Thank you

  3. Please support the most vulnerable

  4. I work at a day habilitation program. I’ve been working in this field for 15 years and still making the same amount. We work hard and it is stressful some days. I haven’t left because you see the individuals improvement and you want them to continue with as much improvement as possible. The job consists of little things as teaching someone how to use a self pay at Walmart to teaching a non-verbal a way to communicate.
    If you could only see the smiles on their face. As the staff is making them happy we are struggling to make ends meet at home due to the low pay. I can not afford to pay my rent that is income based with both checks I receive monthly. And that is a 40 hour a week job. So I had to get a second job to pay the difference. Then the other bills I have.

  5. This coming fiscal year the govenor and state legislature need to heavily reinforce and increase the disability budget for adults and those under 22 years old.
    On a personal note my 31 year old autistic son lives at home. He does. It live in a residential. My family takes care of him. This saves the state a boat load of money since he is not residential. I might add that he is moderately to severely autistic. Withcovud19 we are caring fir him 24/7!!! Except the day program Zoom programs we have 0 help. We do not have respite people relieving my husband and me. To translate there are $$$ that we have not been able to use. And that has also saved the state and DDS dollars. I hope the money is there when virus over.
    As usual, disabled are getting short changed and especially now!!! Desperate for help please.

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