Advocacy Alliance: Let’s Talk Transition At Brockton Area Arc

Facilitated by Kathleen Amaral, the Advocacy Alliance is in the midst of a six-week transition support group hosted by our affiliate, the Brockton Area Arc.

The goal  of this support group is not only to allow participants an opportunity to share in a safe and non- judgmental environment, but also to discuss needs and identify solutions; to learn about resources; and to become familiar with the impact of Legislative Advocacy.

On Tuesday, September 17, the group met for Week 2 of this support group.  The focus of the evening was about thinking about our own experiences, and sharing ideas.

Special guest speaker, and fellow advocacy Alliance Coordinator, Herb Cabral, shared a bit of his story, related to transition planning with and for his son Joe.  The group enjoyed hearing from Herb, and the discussion that happened during and after was incredible. It speaks to the power of storytelling and how a story illustrates possibility, and inspires brainstorming new ideas along the way.

If interested in organizing a Transition Support Group within your agency, reach out to the Advocacy Alliance today!

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