Andrew At WorkAfter turning 22, Andrew started the Bridges to Work Program at Friendship Home (FH) in Norwell. Through this program he got his job at Not Your Average Joe’s doing food prep. He works Tuesday and Thursday and has been there since April 2012. Andrew loves his job! He also enjoys other programs through FH like Guys Night Out which are one Monday a month. Every month alternates between eating dinner at Friendship Home and hanging out with the guys to watch a movie or sporting event or going out to different restaurants for dinner. He also enjoys Theme Parties one Saturday night a month and weekend outings. This month  is Blue Man Group and the Globe Trotters at TD Banknorth Garden.

The YMCA in Hanover is one of Andrew’s favorite places. He has enjoyed being a part of the “Lobstars” tennis team for 8 years now. They are a Special Olympics team that practices at the YMCA 2 days a week on Wednesdays and Sundays. The team is fortunate to have sponsors which allows the team to travel to tournaments. Andrew has enjoyed tournaments in Denver, Colorado, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia and Hilton Head, South Carolina. His Dad is a volunteer coach for the team. Last year, the YMCA started a unified basketball team. Andrew joined the “Hoopstars” team, had a great time and is looking forward to doing it again this year. They play on Tuesday nights.andrew in prep kitchen

Last but certainly not least, Andrew loves Special Olympics! He did swim team from 8 yrs old to 18. Then he switched to tennis….which his Dad loved! As I mentioned above, Andrew has really enjoyed his tennis team and the travelling. He also participates in skiing, softball and sailing. Last year he qualified for World Games in Austria in 2017 for skiing. There will be a lottery at a future date to determine the participants for World Games.

In the future, Andrew would like to move into his own place. What those accommodations will be and where they will be is yet to be determined:)

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