Artist Spotlight: Peter Rutledge

Peter RutledgeGiven a box of crayons, Peter Rutledge is inspired to create colorful and eye catching artwork. Peter’s love of drawing began at age 2 1/2; while enrolled in art classes in Japan. Now 28, Peter’s passion for drawing continues and his art portfolio grows. Each contemporary, circular design evokes a dreamlike quality. For almost 26 years, Peter has used crayons as his medium of choice. He blends a mixture of colors to fill the page and create each unique work.


Peter has found drawing to be calming and it has given him an outlet to express himself. He is a participant in Work Community Independence’s (WCI) programs where he turns his artwork into bracelets, earrings, and greeting cards; each spotlighting the exquisite color combinations and patterns that are unique to his artistic designs.




See some examples of his work below:

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