Bailey’s Team for Autism Supports Operation House Call

The Arc is excited to announce that Bailey’s Team for Autism has once again provided grant funding for Operation House Call (OHC). Bailey’s Team for Autism is a non-profit organization supporting organizations and individuals who fund research and/or provide training, resources, services and aid to individuals living with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

OHC is a unique program of The Arc of Massachusetts, which addresses health disparities and access issues in our healthcare system for people with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). OHC accomplishes this through teaching medical students and other health professionals at 3 Medical schools and 3 Graduate Nursing Schools. OHC combines classroom lecture with experiential learning in the homes of families who have family members with autism or I/DD.

OHC has been lucky to partner with Bailey’s Team in the past and they have helped our program to grow and thrive. As we continue to expand the program, we need to recruit more families to support the number of medical students and health professionals who participate.

If you want to learn more about OHC, please contact Maura Sullivan at For more information on Bailey’s Team, visit

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