Becker Center: What We’re Learning from Older Caregivers, Round 2

Nearly 70 families and agency staff attended the Older Caregiver Forum held at the DDS Southeast Regional Office. Caregivers expressed their concerns and worries for their loved ones’ futures.

Sibling Cathy Lacoste-Hamel urged parents to educate brothers and sisters on what is needed (such as working with Social Security).

PREVIOUSLY: Becker Center: What We’re Learning from Older Caregivers (October 31, 2018)

Many attendees expressed gratitude for good programs and services; however, issues with the ongoing workforce shortage crisis, the lack of available programs and services (including respite and transportation) caused great concern.

One parent remarked that she did not want to wait for the crisis to happen before she is able to receive help.

Our next forum, for the Western Region of Massachusetts, is scheduled at the Holyoke Public Library on May 1st. Register today.

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  1. Safe, happy, appropriate housing very important for those parents who are aging and still caring for their loved one(s).

    Siblings who have responsibility of caring or overseeing their sib with a disability, all while raising their own families. Will they have the time to advocate as well as provide all the necessary emotional and time related investments needed?

    Good staff always a priority – one that cares deeply. Much more than a job. Why must families fight year after year to try to help people understand that staff, especially direct care workers, should be valued and compensated fairly? It is impossible to live on current salaries. These people deserve to be valued!

    Our children, like everyone, need to be needed. Given responsibilities, have jobs (more work needs to be done about this) – our folks have proven themselves to be reliable and conscientious workers. They happily do what others would not!

    Our children need to be understood, accepted and valued for their own contributions to their communities. Activities, social events, clubs need to be more intentionally welcoming. Affiliation with churches can be a great support. If our loved ones participate in a church, sibs must ensure it continues. I believe that overnight respite is necessary if a family member lives at home with family members – for the benefit of every family member. 24/7 care is challenging and tiring. Everyone needs time to take care of things and re-energize!

    If sibs to do a good job, it’s gonna take effort! And that effort appreciated! However many also have families to take care of, so important that we have good, caring legislators, DDS staff to help them along the way!

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