Breaking News: The House Ways and Means Budget Release Includes Full Funding for The Arc’s DDS Budget Asks

The Arc is grateful for a remarkable outcome on this step of our budget advocacy. We greatly appreciate the leadership of House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Aaron Michlewitz, and to the Speaker of the House, Ron Mariano.

The Arc appreciates the support of our legislators in the House and those individuals and families who took action to send letters and speak with their legislators regarding the FY’22 Budget.

The significant gains in the DDS budget came through (coinciding with The Arc’s budget requests) in an additional $7 million for Family Support and Respite, an additional $15 million for Day and Work programs, and an additional $7 million for the Transportation line items. Other line items for our community were maintained or increased.

Stay tuned to The Arc for more details as we continue to review the full Ways and Means budget document, including outside and inside language. And please let your Representative know that you appreciate their support on behalf of people with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. Thank you for your advocacy and let’s keep up the momentum for our community!

Download the PDF file .


  1. Marilyn Beardslee

    Thank you so much for your support regarding line item 4000-0601. Please continue to provide funds for our Adult Foster Care program serving people with disabilities. This remains a very valuable and cost-effective program allowing individuals to receive needed care at home, rather than residing in an expensive medical facility. Again, your support is most appreciated!

  2. Ana Paula Meehan

    Please include fair wages for staff in group homes. My daughter is in one, The ladies work very hard without a livable wage, and little appreciation.
    Thank you

    • Michelle DeSouza

      Hi Ana,
      Thank you for your support. I love my job working in a group home. We are under appreciated and the pay is low. Not to mention that we are state licensed to give out medication. We appreciate your support!

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