Supporting The Direct Support Workforce: The Amaral Family

Adolescence represents a time for young adults to find themselves and develop a sense of independence. Hear from mother Kathleen Amaral as she describes the significant role that her son, Liam’s, Direct Support Professionals play in ensuring that her son can be an independent, included teenager just like everyone else in his age group. Continue reading

Supporting The Direct Support Workforce: The Rego Family

Drew Rego of Tewksbury was born with a genetic disorder and epilepsy. His disability presents itself in a complex way. Just six years old, Drew lives with his parents, Jason and Erin, as well as his brother Dominic. Drew’s care needs are 24/7, but despite all the challenges, he’s always smiling! Drew loves music, animals, and being outside in the warm fresh air. Continue reading

Supporting The Direct Support Workforce: The Bostic Family

Families like the Bostics in Methuen, Massachusetts are struggling to find qualified and reliable direct support workers. James Bostic is 19 years old and lives with his mother, Beth, a single parent. James has a main diagnosis of Kernicterus, which is a brain injury caused by severe jaundice. He struggles with motor control and is not able to walk or talk. Continue reading