Conference Committee Provides Hope

The Conference Committee, chaired by Rep. Brian Dempsey and Senator Karen Spilka, released a very positive report last night, July 7, 2015. Thank you to all conferees. As we went into Conference Committee we were concerned about potential shortfalls entering this fiscal year (which started on July 1). We hope and trust that the full legislature will approve the budget and that Gov. Baker will not veto any of our line items. Continue reading

Thank you President Rosenberg, Chair Spilka and Senate friends!

The Senate budget included several high points for the disability community — it addresses the Family Support reduction originally in House One with funding that restores proposed cut in House 1 and adds, $1.45 Million for needed services; an additional $500,000 above House 1 for Turning 22, additional dollars for Children’s Autism Waiver Services and safeguards AFC caregiver respite for 2016 among other things (EI-$1 Mil. shortfall fixed, etc.) Continue reading