Leo’s Letter: Community Update

Many of us like to mix things up from time to time like having curry or beef stew for dinner. Today I share a mix of recent events; which provide encouragement, foster new relationships and offer ideas for the future. Today’s session on Shared Living, last week’s “Beyond Real Lives” and the Autism Housing Think Tank held earlier, provide the settings and ingredients. Continue reading

To Family!

If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times- “Oh, kids like him (meaning kids with Down Syndrome!) are so loving” and probably like most moms, I silently have a complicated emotional response to that overly simplistic observation.  In the “early years” I found that oft-repeated statement offensive.  However– as the years have flown by and my son Walker, at 19, has now lost three grandparents to their inevitable passages to the next life— I more and more see the rock solid truth in that “overly simplistic observation.”  I see it in the never ceases to amaze me love that Walker has for every human being he encounters, but even more– a passion– for his family.  In the past few years, Walker has become very focused on our departed family members.  Particularly his grandmother- my mother- who is our most recent loss.  I don’t think a day has gone by since my mom’s death last year, that Walker hasn’t said to me- at least once- “I miss my Grammy- you miss you mom?”  And Walker still frequently announces to folks (like those stuck behind us in slow-moving lines!), “I miss my Grammy.  She die.  She my FAM-I-LEE.  My mom- her mom die.   You mom die yet(Always a nice conversation starter)?” Continue reading

The ALEC Program Featured on NECN

On Monday, The Arc of South Norfolk’s ALEC (Autism & Law Enforcement Education Coalition)First Responder Training program was featured on NECN. ALEC provides training to First Response agencies throughout the state and nationally on how to appropriately handle situations regarding individuals with  autism and other developmental disabilities.  For more information on the program visit: http://www.arcsouthnorfolk.org/alec-first-responder-training.html Continue reading