Contact Your Representatives To Thank Them For Passing Nicky’s Law!

As you may have heard, the MA House of Representatives voted unanimously on Wednesday January 15 in a 154-0 vote to approve the Abuse Registry Bill known as Nicky’s Law (merged with Dana’s Law), “An act to protect individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities from abuse.”

The Arc is proud and grateful of our community. Thousands reached out to their legislators multiple times, and many came to testify during both sessions and filled the building on our advocacy days.

We are also proud of the champions in the House and Senate including our sponsors who worked closely with The Arc and the Disability Law Center to resolve the issues brought by those opposed to the bill.

Together with you, our disability community, we managed to get the bill passed in just 1 1/2 sessions. With 6,000 bills filed each year, we are thankful that Nicky’s Law/Dana’s Law has emerged and passed unanimously for both chambers.

We encourage all to contact your Representatives to thank them for their vote to pass Nicky’s Law! Use the draft email message and, if possible, please try to customize the message with your personal experiences.

Contact your Representatives   

If you wish to call your Representative’s office for further advocacy, the main number at the State House is (617) 722-2000 to reach all House members.

Thank you for taking time to affect change for people with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities.


  1. This is a vital Bill that should help to protect many of our vulnerable citizens. It comes on the backs of so much pain and suffering. It is a bittersweet time for the state of Massachusetts. This will become law when Governor Baker signs it and it will finally be implemented next January. The real work will begin…
    Keep he stories coming!!! Our efforts have a new beginning …,

  2. Linda Cox for Brett

    Thank you to all the state representatives who worked tirelessly on this Bill!!! A humble, voice of gratitude from those who have no voice.

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