COVID-19: A Heartfelt Thank You To Staff Supporting People With Disabilities Across The State [Updated: May 14]

Across the state, families and agencies are showing their appreciation to our essential staff working at homes and apartments across the Commonwealth. We thank all of staff for being committed to our community. Here are recent demonstrations of our appreciation from across the state. Do you have something you want to share with us in thanks?

May 14: Northeast Arc featured in Salem News’ Hometown Heroes: ‘We should be cheering them as they drive down the street’

What is it like for the residents?

Our resident have disabilities and they don’t always understand what’s going on. They can’t have families visit. How do we keep our residents happy throughout all this when everybody is struggling through this? Staff has come up with projects like planting flower gardens and craft projects, and local restaurants have been sending food.

How are the staff members holding up?

Like everybody else there’s good days and there’s bad days. Everybody shares pictures of what everybody else is doing so we can celebrate the staff. At least once a week we send breakfast over with a big load of bagels and cream cheese and coffee. We send ice cream. The agency has done a really good job to celebrate the staff and what they’re doing.

They’re the ones that make all the difference. A lot of our staff have worked in our homes for a long time. The residents are like one of their own family. That makes all the difference too. I’ve heard horror stories in New York City of people just leaving group homes. We might not have quantity but we have quality. They care so much about the people in their homes and they want them to be OK.

Group home workers don’t seem to get the same attention as others on the front lines of the pandemic.

We want to blend in. We don’t want people to say, ‘There’s a home for people that are disabled.’ We want it to look like any other home. Our staff are the unsung heroes. They’re the people you don’t see because we are trying to blend in. I feel like when our staff show up to work in a house there should be a parade in their honor, but they quietly go in and no one knows. It’s a shame they don’t get the accolades. We should be cheering them as they drive down the street.

May 9: A sign of recognition for all frontline workers in Sharon

May 7: Minute Man Arc is sending thank you cards to their staff and its executive director visited outside on a weekend with a “Thank You” sign.

Thank You Video from The Arc of Plymouth and Upper Cape

In the coming weeks, The Arc will be sharing stories of thanks for the incredible direct support staff and families that are providing invaluable support and care during this unprecedented #COVID19 crisis.Today, be sure to watch this moving video from our friends at The Arc of Plymouth and Upper Cape.

Posted by The Arc of Massachusetts on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A longer version of The Arc of Plymouth and Upper Cape Cod’s video can be found here.


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