COVID-19: Budget Updates Released, Including Day Program Rates; Advocacy For Maintenance Needed

Thank you for the immense advocacy efforts from our community. Both DDS and MassHealth have negotiated and released enhanced billing rates for array of services associated with Day Programs.

The rates for Day Programs have been released. You can find them here. These rates also include remote learning services.

With the COVID-19 uncertainty and the lower volume of individuals attending in person, we must continue to advocate for the short term and long-term needs of these Community Based Day Services and Day Habilitation programs. Stay tuned to The Arc for more developments.

Don’t Cut Us Out is now pivoting to address the budget as a priority. See the fact sheet below that has been sent to the legislature and the leadership at the State House.

The Governor signed a 3-month budget which will be in place until October. There were no cuts to our line items. We must ensure maintenance of our DDS line items as the rest of the FY21 budget is considered. We must also advocate for the workforce that has been heroically on the front line, serving individuals with I/DD.

Share the link to our ask here with your legislator, and as always please share your personal story to illuminate these line items that are lifelines for so many.

Contact Maura or Leo with any questions.

Download the PDF file .

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  1. If you are not participating in a day program due to Covid restrictions, can care provider receive additional funding or activities options ?

    Thank you.

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