COVID-19: Changes To The Arc Of Massachusetts Webinar Schedule

Nearly 2,000 registrants have signed up for our webinars over the past several weeks. As we enter a new phase in the COVID-19 crisis, The Arc is revamping our weekly webinars.

Changes coming in the next several days include:

  1. Ellen Taverna will be joining Maura Sullivan on her weekly Thursday COVID-19 Update webinars at 11AM starting this week on Thursday, June 4. In order to be the most efficient and effective with our advocacy efforts, we will have one State and Federal COVID-19 Updates webinar for 45 minutes on Thursdays.
  2. Leo’s Live sessions will continue on Mondays at 12 noon, but will be extended to 45 minutes and include a discussion portion with attendees.
  3. Problem Solving with Kerry will continue to be held as scheduled on Tuesdays at 11AM.

Thank you to all those that joined the Friday webinars. We appreciate your support in our ongoing advocacy to promote the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Over the next few weeks, we plan to highlight:

  • What is happening during our re-opening process
  • What is happening in other states
  • Individuals and families who utilize alternative options than congregate care — supported living, self-direction, agency with choice, etc.
  • Guests from the Commonwealth and service providers


  • Monday: Leo Live (45 minutes) at 12:00PM
  • Tuesday: Problem Solving with Kerry (30-40 minutes) at 11:00AM
  • Thursday: State and Federal COVID-19 Updates with Maura and Ellen (45 minutes) at 11:00AM

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