COVID-19: Leo’s Letter: A Day for Social Inclusion

Over one year of advocacy, led by The Arc and joined by many groups in Washington DC, has resulted in home and community-based services (HCBS) being part of the American Rescue Plan.

This week, our Director of Government Affairs Maura Sullivan spoke to an Associated Press reporter about the possible impact of the additional 10% stimulus coming to states across the country. The article also shares Congressional initiatives to incentivize states to prioritize community life over institutions.

Elsewhere, you can see our letter where we touch on how the stimulus can be used for individuals, families, our workforce, and providers.

It’s important to realize that it has been less than 4 decades that federal funding for states could be readily applied to community options. And even today, it’s far easier to enter an institution than get needed supports in your home or family home.

But bills being considered in this session can change all that – and we’ll keep you informed so you can help make that change a reality!


In a bonus vlog, Leo discusses the exciting news about The Arc being featured in GBH’s digital mural, and goes further into detail regarding HCBS funding.

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