COVID-19: Leo’s Letter: A New Year Brings A New Hope

The vaccine’s distribution this week gives us new hope that the isolation triggered by the pandemic should end sometime in the coming year.

We are heartened that persons with disabilities and their staff in congregate living settings appear to be covered in “Phase One” of distribution. The Baker administration has shared its timeline for the vaccine distribution on this page.

But there are many persons with disabilities who may not be covered during this phase. Some of these are assisted by staff in individual home settings, while others are attending center-based day programs, which also are congregate settings.

Whether in private homes or day settings, staff often provide care in intimate fashion: tooth brushing, toileting, helping with mask placement, and much more. During any of these close encounters, the virus will easily pass by an asymptomatic staff person or individual which we know comprise 40% of those with the virus.

Moving all persons with disabilities and their caregivers to “Phase One” in the distribution cycle is the right move.

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  1. So important for everyone to keep focus on persons with intellectual disabilities and caregivers with regard to distribution of COVID vaccine. Thank you for the support. They are so often not mentioned when distribution discussions are published. They deserve to be among the first.

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