COVID-19: Leo’s Letter: Celebrating Heroes In Times Of Crisis

You may have taken a moment of silence at 8:46 am last week on September 11. 9/11 resulted in grief and trauma. New York City and others affected across our country came together to make sense of 9/11 and work through the tragedy. People offered each other support and slowly began to rebuild lives, families and communities.

We are experiencing a different kind of crisis today, which is a tragedy for some and a challenge for many others. Our community is at once part of the whole, and yet we cannot quietly sit back and wait.

Our constituents and our support systems are often in the margins. But we can change that together!

Let’s start with really celebrating DSP week. Yes: our week to celebrate Direct Support Professionals. As we came into this crisis, we were fighting to address the income disparity in our field.

This week, let’s take the time to check out the DSP conference videos from our FB page here and perhaps rent Invaluable or at least watch the trailer.

To make it easy, I have provided two “Thank you” video links from recent days.  One is from a residential supervisor, Russell Greenleaf, and David Pitonyak, who starts his talk wearing a mask. Both are very short and will get you in the spirit.

And yes: Thank you, Direct Support Professionals!

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