COVID-19: Leo’s Letter: Changes In The Coronavirus Continue. Is It Time for Booster Shots?

Just last week, I wrote about the increased infections and our need to come together to solve this ongoing crisis.

This week, the Commonwealth released new guidance regarding three areas. Some key takeaways include:

  • “Congregate Care Testing” for all staff on a weekly basis effective August 12.
  • Visitors will be required to always wear masks regardless of vaccination status.
  • Staff exceptions to wearing masks have been removed in congregate care or day programs.

You can see all three guidance documents here. These responses reflect the new challenges we are facing.

Given this new reality, the time for planning booster shots for our community should begin too.

If we plan early enough, implementing a booster schedule that prioritizes individuals with certain medical conditions and disabilities will be possible.

Rachelle Cohen’s Boston Globe opinion piece quotes a former FDA chief that the US will start giving boosters to older individuals “sometime by September or October.” If that’s so, it’s not too early to start planning boosters for our constituents, too.


  1. How about mandatory vaccines all employees. It’s infuriating how many staff in group homes are NOT vaccinated, but our adult children are?

    • I agree. Is there an effort I can join in on to push the governor to make this happen? It’s frightening to have unvaccinated staff caring for my sister with Down Syndrome, considering the increased transmissibility of the Delta variant.

  2. I have contacted Govrrnor’¹s office to urge our programs follow nursing home requirements and mandate staff vaccinations

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