COVID-19: Leo’s Letter: Facing Crisis and Opportunity

Crisis and Opportunity are the themes that reflect our work at The Arc each day and each week.

“Crisis” is due to the pandemic and related financial limits placed upon our services. Most day and employment providers will be forced to close settings by winter if funding projected for October remains at that level.

Present family supports funding needs to return to June levels if we want to preserve families. Caregivers in cost-effective programs such as adult family or foster care should receive additional stipends to address their 24/7 care. We can’t allow this crisis to result in losses which will take a decade to overcome.

We also can seize “opportunity” by recognizing novel approaches through pilot projects in technology, self-direction, employment, and family support. The use of technology in homes and employment during the pandemic is but one aspect of what is possible.

We have only scratched the surface. Opportunity can lead to new possibilities over time. But crisis and danger to our system of care is what we also face.

Let’s advocate together so we can minimize the negative fall-out and have a sturdy foundation to build for the future.


  1. I agree that family stipends should be increased. Many parents have had to chose who is going to leave work to stay home and supervise. If residential homes got extra funding for those hours, so should parents. AFC is designed to keep people out of residential placements but doesn’t get the same level of respect.

  2. I agree that family stipends should increase. Personally a great concern of mine is that I am home with my severely handicapped adult son 24/7 and I am also elderly.

  3. I agree with Paula We as parents do need help with taking care of our love one’s

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