COVID-19: Leo’s Letter: Get The Vaccine!

Over the past month, weekly vaccine supplies have slowly increased, making it possible for many in Phase 1 to obtain the vaccine. Many of us wish we were in Phase 1, and The Arc will expand its efforts to advocate for increased prioritization of all individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and all caregivers.

In the meantime, if you’re eligible and hesitating, remember “getting a COVID-19 vaccine is our best chance to stop the pandemic.” To learn more about the vaccine’s safety, you can visit this site to read frequently asked questions.

We also encourage you to see a presentation that Dr. Mark Pettus made to staff at Berkshire County Arc regarding the vaccine.

Our community has been struck hard by the vaccine – individuals, staff, family members. The COVID vaccine is a critical tool to protect yourself and to end the pandemic.

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  1. Being unemployed for 11 months, having NO program to attend, YES it has helped pay for sorely needed physical training 2x a week. Planning on back to work beginning of April! Thank you for helping families. We know it’s been challenging for the ARC and appreciate your working hard to support us!

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