COVID-19: Leo’s Letter: How Do We Reconcile The Deep Divide?

At the time of writing, it’s nearly 4pm on the day after the election. The score is 253 to 214, with former Vice President Joe Biden in the lead. How do we reconcile the deep divide in our country as we try to advocate for disability supports and funding?

On the federal level, The Arc US tried to manage the divide, as its board President Fred Misilo met with AG Bill Barr while other groups refused. It showed our constituents that we are not a partisan organization.

On the Supreme Court, The Arc US did not oppose the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett. However, it did document some of her positions or statements that were not beneficial to our constituents.

We live, advocate, and empower in the midst of this divide. We have no choice. Our constituents’ present and future depend on us.

In our state, the leadership works together. Most legislators also show up each day to advance public policy.

But below the surface, we too have activists who may not want to choose the middle ground or compromise in any way. Now with the pandemic, our advocacy is more important than ever.

We live, advocate, and empower in Massachusetts and across our nation. We have no choice.

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