COVID-19: Leo’s Letter: One Last Plea

One last plea: Can we add persons with disabilities and caregivers (unpaid too) to the one medical condition vaccine eligibility list?

Today, we released information to our constituents so that you are aware of how register for the vaccine. Over the past several weeks, those in congregate homes and staff in most service sectors have been eligible. This included home based caregivers who are paid, whether through agencies including adult family/foster care or providing PCA services.

On January 29, eight sub-groups of unpaid caregivers got the vaccine green light, BUT only if they were identified as most in need. It wasn’t implemented for all caregivers.

As of today, March 18, most family or non-paid caregivers, and adults with disabilities living independently or with family, have NO formal access to the vaccine unless they meet existing criteria.

So, can they get at least a leg up with a green light on April 5?

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